Desk of Chairman

Chairperson feels proud to say that Satyasai Engineering College, last 15 years in the field of Engineering & Technology by bringing out and high lighting a number of efficient engineers to the country. As the the Institution is located on the pollution free atmosphere the students find very good healthy and peaceful area to carry out their studies.

Mr. Padmalocchan Panda
Chairperson, Satyasai Engineering College

Desk of Director

The lasting effects of this organization’s past accomplishments stand as testaments to the belief that a small group of committed individuals can make a difference. As we move forward, our emphasis will continue on creating young, vibrant and dedicated Managers and Leaders, intellectually and emotionally competent to meet the challenges of organizational nuances both at national and international level.

Finally, I truly believe in the African proverb - "If you want to go fast, go alone. But if you want to go far, go together." Indeed, we want to work together with all of you to proceed as far as our vision, mission, talents, resources, and dreams lead us. With your support, the only direction we can go is onward and upward.

Dr. Benumadhab Panda
Director, Satyasai Engineering College

Desk of Principal

Education enables a person to face new challenges, achieve progress and lead a successful life. We, therefore, at Satyasai Engineering College, would like to encourage all students to thrive for the best to make them knowledgeable in their relevant branches of engineering with high self esteem and discipline. Education at our Institution is not only for academic brilliance but also for an ambience where our ancient cultural heritage and human skills are enhanced.

It is the aim of the Management and Faculty who are committed to continually improve and deliver competitive quality technical education to the utmost satisfaction of students, their parents and the potential employers.

Dr. C. K. Samanta

Principal, Satyasai Engineering College